Advent Poems 2

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(Stock Images.  Image description: A up close image of a lit purple votive candle. The flame is the predominant focus.)

Note: Poems for Advent (Revised Common Lectionary – Year A).


He will not dress in fine linens

Or in a well-tailored suit

His shoes shall not be made of costly goods

He will not put on airs

Or impress you with

His self-talk at parties

But he will come


He will wear common clothes

He will look like your neighbour

He will come

Yet the son of God


He will wear


And truth

You will know him

He will come as one like you

But he will not be as you are

He is

And always will be


The holy one


Are you ready?

This has nothing to do

with shopping

or cooking

or laundry

or driving

or decorating

or salting the walk

or finding that sock ….

or anyone else

but you…

This is about YOU

Not your Friend…

not your neighbour….


Your heart

Your mind

Your life

This is about

Your readiness….

Your openness

Your heart open to Jesus

They came confessing

Knowing their sin

To the river

To the herald of his approach

They came repenting

Will you come confessing?

Will you come to be made ready for his coming?

Everything but this can wait.


Be made ready…

Listen to the prophet-herald..

To the spirit of God..

He is coming near..

As in the days of Noah

See where his feet pass

The path of life

Walk wherever he leads

Up the narrow way

Listen intently to

His words

Learn and listen

As it was in the days of Noah

So shall it be

At his returning

Now as then


Now as then


Now as then

Denying defiantly

The reality


His words will

Come to be

The water came

The virgin gave birth

So too Christ in glory will descend

He came to Bethlehem

Just as it was foretold

The flood came

Just as it was foretold

You trust that

But not this?

Oh listen

Oh trust

Oh stubborn-hearted

Turn away from your wayward


And walk in the way of life

I’m returning  

Just as I said


(Assurance of Pardon)

Oh helped

Oh freed

Oh healed

Oh loosed

Oh upheld

Oh confronted by the Holy

Oh restored

Oh eyes open

Oh hearts pure

Oh people made whole

Oh joy

Oh confessed

Oh repentant

Oh forgiven


For you have seen it

Received it

Speak of it often

For God’s Light

has risen upon you!

Lambing season

As the Night watch

Declares the morning

As the torch is held high

As the midnight marks the


To the morning-break

So here

Is the appearing

Of the sacrifice-son

The priest-king

Who looks rather like a lamb

In its own manger

Bound and laid

Behold him

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