(Google images. Image description: A image of a dynamic piece of art. A woman in simple linen dress and head covering kneels in humble reference to the left. She (Mary) is in a humble home setting with a jar to the left and some straw on the floor.  Light shines from the window central to the image. The figure of the angel Gabriel hovers to the right in swirling robes with a hand of blessing lifted high over Mary’s head. He does not have wings as depicted in other art – rather there is a sense of light, flight, movement and heavenly authority about him. A sense of reference and the Holy fills the image.) 
What would it be like
To stand face to face
With one
Who stands in the presence of God?
Daniel – who was sent to the lions
Zachariah – awaiting a child (who never came)
Mary – unsuspecting at His appearing
All knew
A prophet
Overwhelmed by a vision
A priest
ministering at the hour of prayer
A maid
in the common room of a home
An angel came
The prophet given revelation
He desperately was seeking
The priestly couple granted a child
Even in their years
A maiden
Startled at her role
In God’s plan
For the time had come
For His appearing
She spoke a
And the holy messenger departed….
And at the revelation – illumination came
And the priestly couple (miraculously) conceived
And then the virgin was with child
Just as
God’s messenger
had said
(Daniel 8 and 9. Luke 1)

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