A voice cries out



(Google images. Image description: An image of a moving piece of art. In tones of bright blue, yellow, oranges and red…a central figure stands with her face in her hands –  overcome. Behind her buildings have collapsed in a great catastrophe from an unknown cause – perhaps a natural disaster or from the violence of war. Other human figures are seen searching through the debris, looking for others or escaping from the rubble.)


A voice cries out 


A voice cries out

in Ramah

We hear our sister cry

In Syria

A child screams in pain

A sister weeps by her brother’s


A Mother clings to the body

Of her child

Unable to put them down

Other families flee

In terror

Lord have mercy…




Scheme and




We hear their voices too….sinful

Through and through

Greed is the wager

At every turn

Lives are the price

Without a second thought

Where there was once

Even recently

Signs of new life

And self-choice

In a region of the world


Fresh shoots of hope


Wrenched from the root


A nation

Of promises


Lord have mercy…


We hear their voices …

Those praying to Jesus

Others praying to Allah

And others praying to no one at all

Yet they

Unified in

Human Agony

Life altering


Every life worthy of dignity

And safety

In your sight

Each known by name

Yet now

Each impacted

By trauma

Lord have mercy…


And we hear their voices …

The pure of heart

Who Grieve

And Lament

The horror

Before heaven


They know not how

Lord have mercy…


And we hear their voices….

Deluded and complicit

Those who praise the

Name of the one who gave the order

Their own sense of blinded-power

And destiny

And self-gain

More important than the

Love of Their neighbour

Lord have mercy…


Our neighbour

Cries out



Our sister Weeps

For her child

For Her children





Will laugh

No more


You oh God

Hear and see all

Lord have mercy…

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