Heavenly Lift

black and white eagle flying
Photo by Frank Cone on Pexels.com

(Free Photo – photographer Frank Cone. Image description: A bald eagle takes flight – wings wide – soaring.)


Heavenly lift

What was it like
To be given the command to
The air?

To skim seam
To Seam
On the heights?

…Treating wind as water?

To have winged sails
And feet meant for nobly nimbly
Not for walking

To hop as if even touching the Earth
Was to be understood

As an infrequent thing
For you
Not your prime intent

To be covered
With layers meant for breath
And breeze
Your whole frame
Set for sailing

Heavenly Lift

Your eyes made for the horizon

You: Cutting through time and space

What is it like..

To daily – “slip the bonds of earth”

To be copied by inventors
(Inventing nothing!)

To achieve what you were already given

To be watched and wondered at

As you dive, float and soar

What is it like



(“To slip the surly bonds of earth”- is a line from a speech given by former US President Ronald Reagan. The speech itself referenced lines from a poem titled  “High Flight” – written by airman and poet – John Gillespie Magee Jr.)

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