We Walk Together

Note: There is much grief in the world. Personal grief. Corporate grief. Community loss. From the pandemic, to the recent (within the past week) shootings in churches, shopping centres, and schools… Violence in many places globally. We hardly have space to process.

Let us remember that there is hope.. And that in walking, praying, and working together.. we might heal. And with God’s leading – we will and can see communities transformed. Real change around us. Let us not give up working/serving/ministering in this “already and not yet” time of the Kingdom of God. Let us grieve, work and heal – together. And focus on what can be. Led forward by hope. Let us not give up. But keep walking, together.

The light IS stronger than the darkness.

Keep walking and working – shining the Light of Christ.

(”Haar” – is the Scots term for fog so dense you you cannot see. It is almost as a solid wall.)

We walk together

A grief pours down as rain unending
And anger rises as fire blazing
And fog as haar surrounding
The mind, the heart
The way

You (some) think one day it will break
You think it will be
Sun as hope
And flower as sweetness
As trees gently sway
A path lit by morning glistening dew
The Earth
As new


(This Seems so far off)

And it will not even be like this
It will not be the slow turning of the earth

That will usher in the new
Or break one moment to the other
But in finding

The Light


Sun with the rain
And the water cools slightly the fire
And the trees through veil mist do sway

And while fire burns, relief – small sips of water-sustain
And while the mist – small glimpses through the trees
And while the rain thunders – light glimmers

And you catch your breath

And ennvision what might be

And what can be

And what will be

(Holy sight – for you)

And while grief is still carried
The feet
Make the new way

As we walk together

The Light: Our way

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