Look up

Image description: Several pairs of feet are seen from a street level view.

Look Up

Beloved, Look up

You are loved

As you are now

Yet… not left as you are

Because you are loved

For love, heals

For love, frees

For love, lifts up

For love, walks with you


Into Life

Stand, Beloved


Lean on the strong, trustworthy, arm of Love


Walk into Life

Love, Calling

Love, is calling

Ignore, then, the intrepid lies

The cacophonous illicit interloper

And the wayward wynding ways

And tune into

The surrounding sound of: Love

And follow: Love

For far too long

Has the false one

Chapped too loudly at your door

Time to declare SILENCE to the False One

And listen to Life

And live

The End of the Age/Forever

A turning to the new

Now, can you feel it?

This is not based on the calendar

Or upon the arbitrary counting of Days

But rather, in trusting in

The God who was before all time

Who is now

And who will forever be

God unchanging, present here

The Lord of Life

Who is with us til the end of the age

This age

And forever

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