Lovers: To love/To be loved

(Image description: Sunset over the ocean – with hues of gold and pink. A rainbow is seen in the sky above.)

Note: The analogy of a bride/bridegroom has long been used for God and God’s people, Christ and the Church. The references are wide and varied from The Song of Songs, to Hosea, to the book of Revelation …and much more.

Far greater than any human relationship – is every human’s relationship with their (loving) Creator God.
This imagery – has long been lifted up since the time of the early church (even/especially in monastic Christian communities).

Whatever your relationship status… know you are loved by God and welcomed into loving relationship with God – through Christ.

(This was originally written as part of Love Poems for Human Hearts – but was at the time of publishing yet unfinished. Now… remembering to post this addition.)

Lovers: To Love/Be Loved

Is to uncover self willingly
And to discover there
When we feared Shame
For our deepest fear is not to
Not be loved
To to be despised
And mocked
Lacking all warmth and care
It is the soul
Which deeply
Desires and longs
Far greater than the body
Even in its greatest
Awkward earnest

Is to uncover self, willingly
And to find safety
And joy
To rest and be drawn in truth
Throwing off our
fear that we will be
seen and then rejected
Ourselves laid bare

Is to uncover self willingly
In a place of trust
To discover there
And be discovered
To share honestly
To give and to receive
Again and again

Is to be
To draw
To Shelter
To Cover
To Celebrate and
To Bless the other
Without measure
At all

To surprise in
Joy the other
Who thought
That somehow
The well
Of love
Would run dry
To yourself discover
That your
Own thirst
Is quenched in full
And overflowing
More than you can take in

Is to be
Beheld as you were always meant to be
And to behold the other
Freedom for the healing
Healing granting freedom

And to discover that the beholding
Is the Salt
Is the salve
Is the satiation

Come drink
Your fill

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