Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

(Image description: A pink paper heart rests on a light pink background.)

Note: Many are weary in the world. May the hope and promise that God is with us – sustain, help, and renew us.

Unburden/God with you

Child, in manger bright 

Outside, the world, weighty 


Unburden all that you carry 

Kneel here, 


And behold 

God is with you 

Older still 

Take up your seat at the table 

Here, Christ waits for you 

Here he sits with you 

Cup and saucer overflow 

Your longed for companion 

Here, is all alright

To the mantel tall 

In and out with you he goes 


To carry your groceries 

Worries and cares 

The heaviness of your heart, too


Here, eye to eye with you 

Hand in hand 

Bright as the sun 

Carry on 

Not weary 

But free 

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