Light and Hope

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(Image description: Sunset over the ocean; the image framed by a heart shaped wave.)

Note: Many this week have felt weary for a host of reasons: The pandemic, prolonged lockdowns in many global locations, and long-term stress.

Here is a grouping of poems about light and hope. May you be encouraged.

(Several poems reference the “calming of the storm” – as recorded in several gospel accounts.)

Light a candle

For the those who cannot see 

For the wounded whose cuts are unseen 

For the trembling one without clarity of thought 

Shine a light 

For the ones just..barely hanging on

For those weary of the fight 

And for those who are mistreated for simply existing

Shine a light  

For those who mourn 

And whose thoughts float along 

With their beloved ones along the river 

As neighbours gasp for breath 

Hoping, they, to abide longer on the shore 

Shine a light

For those seeking peace and healing and safety for all 

Amid bombs going off in the night

Creating shelters 

Out of everything they’ve got 

A lean-to of the heart 

(Steady on) 

Shine a light 

So that

The angry  





Towers may topple 

And never again rise

Shine a light 

That every human 

Might believe and hold on beyond this strife 

Weary not of shining 

Think of those whose light for you has shone

Shine a light

For those not yet moored

At the harbour

That they might find their way safetly home 



The storm

Has gone on and on

The bread eaten long ago 

And here we are drenched

And bailing 

The storm 

Returning fast as we can

The storm to itself 

Up over the side 

(Be gone we cry! Til we are hoarse.)

The wind wails

Whines weeps

Sweeps, soaks our ears 

And drys our eyes

We can hardly see 

We hear hardly

Chapped with crisis and chaos 

Hands coarse

Our ears ring 

Our arms heavier and heavier 

The weight of water 

The weight of grief 

How long 

We cry

As we return again and again the storm 

Up over the side 

Saying “not here!” 

May our feet stay dry 



Almost an art piece of peace 


Full of bread 

Teaching all day 

Sleeping all night 


Of heart 

With us 

Inviting us to join 


(At peace)

Up and Over

Up and over 

In a moment

On his feet 




Louder than the storm 


Ears ringing 

As the sun beat down

Buckets in hands, forgotten 

As they weary leaned 

Upon each other 

And as the boat reached land..

And all stared…

Who was this – with them?


In the storm 

In the boat 

With us 

Is who he is 

And louder than the storm 

Or the night 

Yup. That’s him.


See your own freedom

Far from here

Joy and peace

See yourself


When all this has faded away

When and where laughter

and sleep


Come easily

See you living

The story of restored

and healed

And yes

This can be here..



LIFE is before you..

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