Advent poems – 3

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(Image description: A field of lit candles glow together brightly.)

Note: Poems for Advent (Revised Common Lectionary – Year B).

Far Away

Far away 

Far off or near 

The waiting


The post unopened 

Or is it not yet delivered ?


The waiting 

The Hours 

The years  

The hand of time




Is he at the gate?

Is his voice calling? 

That we would rush and fling the gate wide 

How we long 

That he would come in

(The party to begin!)


Our house 

Our home

Our heart

Is not fit to welcome him 

Yet we long for him 

To come 

And make our heart

Set for him 

Yet too 

May we wait 

Even now 


As we can be



In the wildness 

In the wilderness  

How we need a shout

To awaken 

And to stir our bones 

We have been so long planted 

Wayward, wandering 

We hardly know what 

Steady feet feel like 

On level plain 

We have been this way

For so long 

The wynd-path 

Our feet have made 

We have run the path 

Thinking it freedom 

Yet tripped

Bound along the way 

The shouting prophet 

Fire-haired River-man 

Calls us to the level 

To the way by the water 

To be washed and ready for him 

A wildness in the wilderness 

Unto freedom 

Dare we go?

Let go?

We might 

Very well 



Like those who dream 

Like those who dream 

Yet what dreams may we dream?

Too often our thoughts are nightmares 

Akin to Shakespearean soliloquies 

And not bright soaring hope 

As children we first 






Had bright abandon 

Anything could be…

We could dream free 


Hear now

God sees and hears

Promises and Speaks 


We will see it 

Behold it 


As ones who dream 

Oh God 

Help us

In our broken state 

To holy dream 


Not a fairy story 

Elijah we would believe 

Fairy stories 

Capture the imagination better  

Move the thought 

To spark the mind 

Yet not Elijah 

Or Father Christmas

Or another 

But God himself is coming

Surely as he came the first 

He is returning 

Prepare yourself 

Live ready 



The news is horrid 

Can’t stand to listen 

Headlines cause us to take in breath 

And hold it

Braced against the new 

The news

Away shut 

A woman washing 



When a messenger of news 


Her breath held tight 

Within her 

What could this mean ?

A plan 

A purpose 

An invitation to her


The Cosmic shift

Generational joy


Heaven held its breath


Then all time heard 

Her say yes 

Oh what joy could be ours 

If we dared say 

“Lord God 

Let it be done to me – according to your word”?



The rumbling of the earth 

The quaking of the trees 

At your core 

You uprooted

The pealing back of the stars

The lightening bright beams 

Which pale the sun 

The reverberation

Of your bones 

At the sight 

And sound 

Of glory 


Advent prayer 

We do not yet know how to 

Walk in the light 

In darkness

In shadows 

We have trod 

We have no idea 

How to be


And loved 

Yes Seen



But we want to 

Teach us 

How to come into the light

And to be rid 

Of the shroud 

Of shadows 

In which  

We too long 

Have hid ourselves 

Teach us to wear 

Garments of grace 

And new life

So up out

Of the water-depth

We might dwell 

In the light 

And air 






Ascribe to the Lord 


Write it upon your living 

Upon your Words 

And breath

And working 


Your walking 

And your loving  

Let it be written 

In word and deed upon you 

The glory of God 

Glory be to God

In all



Love came down at Christmas

Love came down at Christmas

Thank goodness 

Here we are surrounded

Too often by the lack of love 

So many people lonely 

Living apart 

Too many 

Told words of harm and hate 

And not love 

Love came down at Christmas

Healing love

Welcoming love

Freeing love 

Love came down at Christmas 

For the world 

Praise God 

May we hold this love 

And share this love 

This love which never runs dry 

This ever expanding Hope-Love 

To the world 

This world 


For love 

Real love 

Love’s name is:


Go forth and share Love 

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