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(Stock image. Image description: A photograph of earth, is seen from the vantage point of space. Blue oceans, swirling clouds, continents in tan, amber tones and greens – stretch across the globe.)



This week

Humans in space

Even the cosmos

Planning to place human feet

On other planets

Exploration now

While greedy

national powers

debate future 


And peace

Amid the stars



And here

Refugees on the terra


People of no territory at all

No shelter

No safety

No food

No known future


This week

Worshippers in Germany

On a holy day

Targeted by violence

By a not-rogue-enough remnant

Of the past

Tied to

Too common threads

Of hate


This week


were microchipped


Their bodies


By commerce

And technology

(Has anyone paused to

think on the future implications?)


This week



To fight extinction

Shutting down the streets

Crying out for change



This week mental health

Was lifted up

Yet thousands remain


people don’t

look up

on the train


This week

A narcissist

Erratically gambles lives


For personal gain

He lies

And lies

And lies


And the pure of heart cry out

And shout

and pray


Do you not feel the birth pangs

Of creation?

Her timing

Closer and closer together

Space and time

Constricted together


The new creation

Is not yet here


Creation crying out for

The Creator 

The Righteous One 

The Prince of peace

Mighty God

The God of justice

To come


Oh the nations cry


All Creation groans

For the children of God to arise

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