Now is the time


(Google Images. Image description: A computer graphic of people in worship with their arms and hands raised. They are shown in silhouette. Hues of red, cream, amber, gold, ochre are the palette. Overhead a dove soars – The Holy Spirit.)

This is the time

To wake up and see
To sit up and hear
The voice of God calling us
To die to ourselves
Our prestige
Our own sense of power
Our sense of self-influence
Oue own sense of self-indulgence
Our own self-Importance
To wake up
And get out of bed
To shake off the slumber of our wilful ignorance
And prayerful knee
To the glory of Christ
Standing just there
To again recognise that
He alone is king and head of the church
This-apostles and disciples
Knew Before us
Saints and sinners-redeemed
To recognise
And know for ourselves
It Was not for their strategising
And scheming
Or negotiating
But by their lives fully given over to Christ
The power of Christ alive within them
That the world was transformed
The power of the cross to redeem
Both then and now, and the time to come
We – powerless to save ourselves
We – unable to save the world
Rather Christ transforming the world
Through us
Not by the power of our eloquence or by our cleverness
but through our obedience to Christ
Let us hear the call
To relinquish our power
And attempts at controlling our own lives
And our futures
And give these
(once and for all)
To God
May we now
repent of Eden’s sin within:
Of our distrust of God
And attempts to make ourselves equal to God
To confess now that we too often have thought
That we have known better than God what to do
We too long and too often have
considered our decisions as equal to
Divine leading
May we now
The cross and the open tomb
And recover our wonder, dependency and awe of God
God’s glory
Now is the time
To let God show us what it means to be
A Christ-follower
On God’s own terms
To shrink not back from the call to Holy living
And holy loving
Now is the time
To discover again in our age
the power and presence of Holy Spirit
and tune our ears and lives to God’s voice
The book of Acts still being written
And to let God show us what it means to be His people
Reflecting His glory on earth
To become
A witnessing community
Marked with the power of God in our midst
To be more concerned with doing for the least as unto Christ
And concerned not at all for our reputation
To let God transform the nation through us
As we trust God fully
For it all
Now is the time
To seek the mission and vision of Christ
God’s kingdom plans and purposes
And let ourselves be transformed by Jesus
And to stop asking God to stamp his approval on our plans
Now is the time
To no longer strive to be a national church
But to be God’s church – for the nation

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